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What happens when you go to both UBCeast and UCBT in one night?
  1. You see the premiere of “Freak Dance” (which was hilarious) 
  2. There is fast food 
  3. Hannibal Burress makes you laugh
  4. Some kick-ass band named Langhorne Slim and the Law plays a set*
  6. You don’t pay a dollar for any of it. 

You should have seen my face when they announced Reggie Watts was going to perform. I lost my mind. I went from

  • to 
  • to having an emotional breakdown at how fucking awesome tonight has been

I have no regrets. 

*sidenote: I have been listening to Frontier Ruckus a lot lately. I had been avoiding them because they reminded me of Matt and that normally led to crying fits and homesickness and tumblrposts that get taken way out of context by tweens/reblogged by “fuck yeah love” etc. 

For some reason, they have really been touching my heart. Everything they have recorded is absolutely beautiful. It made me miss my guitar. It was this sound that I needed and I wanted to replicate and be a part of somehow. I haven’t played in months and left my shitty hand-me-down guitar at home because I figured I wouldn’t have time to play at all. 

So I bought a guitar. 

A cheap, not so great Fender acoustic. It’s getting the job done. 

The band that played at UCB was such a pleasant surprise because they were like the upbeat Frontier Ruckus I needed to hear. The banjo player was just amazing. Everything about their performance was great. If you get the chance, listen to both these bands. You won’t regret it. 

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